Warm hands, warm feet

As much as I enjoyed knitting my Gathered Pullover, once that was done, I was sooo not in the mood to cast on any other major projects right away.

For some reason, even though the weather in California totally did not call for it, I could not resist knitting these neat Newfoundland Mitts. The pattern is available for free from this cool blog.

Newfoundland mitts

Maybe I was feeling nostalgic for the Canadian winter…

These mittens are knit from two different yarns and on quite small needles, making the fabric nice and thick. I really like how they turned out with a solid off-white (Cascade Yarns 220) for the base and a variegated yarn, mostly in browns and reds, to fill in the little eyelet-type holes (Noro Silk Garden — super lovely and soft).

I gave them as a birthday gift to a friend back in Montreal, where they will surely be more useful. Here she is, modelling them with a cup of classic Canadian coffee.

Mitts and coffee

Then, with some of the leftover Cascade yarn, I cast on a pair of Easy Peasy Slippers. I’d been wearing multiple pairs of socks around my apartment for a while, so this seemed like a good idea.

Easy Peasy Slippers

I think they’re quite cute, and were very quick to knit up. I’m just a bit annoyed with them since they always slip off my feet. Maybe I’ll try threading an elastic around the ankle.

While I still dream of knitting all sorts of beautiful sweaters, I really enjoyed returning to some smaller projects for a little while. Mittens, especially, might be my new favourite things to knit. They offer a nice bit of challenge and variety, while not taking too much time or too much yarn.


About Rachel Etta

Twenty-something philosophy grad, avid reader and knitter; not yet an avid writer, but trying.
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One Response to Warm hands, warm feet

  1. Tina says:

    The mittens are great, thanks for sharing the link, and your slippers look warm and cozy 🙂

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